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What's your number?

What’s your number?

If you take part in a beta test for an iPhone app, the app developer will likely ask you to send him the UDID of your iPhone. If you’ve been asking yourself “what’s this number, and where do I find it?”, read on!

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Your Windows IDE sucks? Replace it with Your Favorite Editor on the Mac!

For a current project, I need to use a Windows-based IDE that really sucks. So instead of letting the IDE degrade my productivity, I decided to use some combined Windows/Mac wizardry to solve the problem. Read moreRead more

Lehmanns Book Store

Eclipse DemoCamp Hamburg November 2010

Last Friday was a happy day for Java developers in Hamburg: not only did Apple and Oracle announce their plan to continue development of Java on the Mac OSX platform, but we also had the pleasure to host this fall’s instance of Eclipse DemoCamp Hamburg in a bookstore!
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Eclipse Summit Europe Conference App

[Updated] Use your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry to build Your Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

As I’m writing this, Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 is merely hours away and everyone is getting excited to get there and meet Eclipse family.

I think the program committee have done a great job at putting together an exciting conference program with lots of technical sessions, interactive tutorials and inspiring keynotes.

As a special treat for smart phone users, we’re offering a conference schedule app for iPhone, Android and all other smart phones that come with a browser. Read moreRead more


Apple’s Updated Developer License – This Changes Everything. Again.

A few days ago, Apple made some small, but very important changes to the iOS Developer Program Agreement – a document which you must agree to before you can download the iOS SDK and start developing software for the iOS platform. These changes will drastically change the way we will build software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod and any other device that runs iOS.

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Open Source

Why Your Next App Should be Open Sourced

I’ve been doing all sorts of software development over the past few years, from closed-source in-house software for companies to closed-source product development to open-source frameworks and tools development to close-source app development.

Looking back on my experience with the various drawbacks and benefits of each of those development modes, I hereby recommend your next app be open sourced.
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Watching DVDs on your iPad

I’ve been wanting to watch DVDs on my iPad since I had it. As the iPad doesn’t have an optical drive, you need to jump through several loopholes to get the trick done, but in the very moment you watch your first DVD on your iPad, something magical happens…

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Don’t attend the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg this Friday…

… if you’re not interested in meeting local (and non-local) Eclipse enthusiasts and committers, learning something about Eclipse, Git, SWT, Qt, e4 and the iPhone, watching some nice Pixar short films in a cosy cinema, and frosty beverages.
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Writing this blog post on the iPad

The iPad – A Truly Inspiring Device, Thanks to the Lack of Multitasking!?

I received my iPad just a few days ago, and despite this short period of time, it already changed the way I work drastically.
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